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Strategies for Increasing Masonic Membership and Enhancing Member Engagement

In this presentation, we delve into the essential strategies aimed at fostering stronger connections within the Masonic community. As Freemasonry continues to evolve in the modern era, it’s imperative to explore innovative approaches for bolstering membership and enriching the engagement of existing members. Through an insightful examination of proven methodologies and forward-thinking initiatives, attendees will gain actionable insights into revitalizing Masonic lodges and fortifying the enduring bonds that define our esteemed fraternity.

Brother Ben Litman

Brother George Glatz

A 1977 graduate of Milton Hershey School, Brother George Glatz is a first-year Mason and member of Riverside Lodge No. 503, Wrightsville. “As I take my first steps within this ancient and honorable institution, I am humbled by the opportunity to contribute to a legacy of honor, virtue and fellowship that spans generations,” he said. His heart on fire for the Craft, George will inspire you with his fresh perspective and innovative ideas for enriching your Masonic experience and that of your brethren.

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