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Freemasonry finds its roots in the basis of music. This art is not only scientific, but philosophical, as well. Music transports us as players and listeners into a different head space. There is a journey across time. This presentation is aimed to inspire all lovers of the arts and sciences, especially those interested in music. This presentation is carefully orchestrated to entertain and inform without getting too technical.

Please join Brother Ben Litman for this presentation on one of the most important arts, music.
Brother Ben Litman

Brother Ben Litman

Brother Ben Litman earned a bachelor of business administration degree in Food Marketing, an associate’s degree in arts in Psychology and a minor in music. Primarily a bass player, Ben works as a Placement Specialist for the School District of Philadelphia. He is a Past Master of Charity Lodge No. 190, Jeffersonville, PA, and is active in the Valley of Philadelphia.

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