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During his numerous cultural trips to France and England, Benjamin Franklin found inspiration in literary circles that eventually led him to found the Leather Apron Club in 1727 to exchange rare books brought back from various travels. The club was intended to promote discussion and the cross-cultural exchange of ideas about architecture and other topics, a main tenet of French Freemasonry. What started as a philosophical association became one of the original circulating libraries in the country. Brother Daniel will discuss the original reading room and some of the early architectural texts still in the collection.

Brother Daniel Roncato

Brother Daniel Roncato

Brother Daniel Roncato graduated from the architectural school La Villette in Paris with a degree in architecture and has worked in Philadelphia firms for the last 18 years. He is an avid bike rider who has explored the city extensively, with a special interest in old abandoned industrial buildings. He is Past Master of Athelstan-Lamberton lodge No. 482.

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