Community Impact Report


Education & Outreach

Serving Those in Our Community

The Masonic Library and Museum of Pennsylvania promotes Masonic values by maintaining and preserving the Masonic Temple and other Masonic monuments in Pennsylvania, operating a library and museum that preserves and showcases the collections of the Grand Lodge of Pennsylvania, and conducting educational programs and activities.

The Masonic Library and Museum welcomes researchers and students to learn from its architecture, books and artifacts. It also supports other not-for-profit in the community.

Executive director Mike McKee presented to Art Goes to School of Delaware Valley, a non-profit volunteer organization that began in 1962 and brings art appreciation classes to nearly 165,000 elementary school children in the Delaware Valley.

Through the Speaker Series, the community is invited to free monthly sessions on Masonic topics. Topics range from Masonic music to the history of the Grand Lodge of Pennsylvania.

The Masonic Temple was a drop-off location for the Marines Toys for Tots in 2022.

The Library and Museum participated in two free museum tour days. As part of Wawa Welcome to America, two days of free tours drew 508 guests. In the fall, visitors attended through the Collegefest Free Museum tour.

Students from Professor Jeff Dion’s Illustrators II class at Moore College of Art & Design toured the Masonic Temple and its unique meeting rooms. The students sketched used the unique designs of the rooms as a reference by using photos they took during the tour, led by guide John Minott.

Moore School of Art & Design students

Moore School of Art & Design students

Women in the Masonic Library

Masonic Library

people entering the Masonic Temple for a free museum day

Visitors lined up for one of two free museum days