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The headquarters of the Grand Lodge is in the Masonic Temple at One North Broad Street, directly across from Philadelphia City Hall. Built in 1873, it is a National Historic Landmark renowned for its beauty, architectural mastery and historical significance. Housed within this magnificent structure is the Library, which contains one of the finest collections for the study of American history and Freemasonry. Working in partnership with the Library is the Museum, which displays more than 30,000 treasured artifacts, including precious relics from our Nation’s founding.

Philanthropic Society Endowment Fund

Contributions to this endowment are invested, and the income earned by this fund is available to assist in maintaining and preserving the Masonic Temple.

Gold Book Society Fund

Contributions to this fund are unrestricted and for immediate use to cover the cost of Library employees, maintaining and preserving the Masonic Temple, operating supplies, capital expenditures and utilities.