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The Masonic Temple in Philadelphia

A National Historic Landmark in the heart of Philadelphia, the Masonic Temple at One North Broad Street is home to the Masonic Library and Museum and the Grand Lodge of Pennsylvania. The building features a Norman-style exterior which ushers visitors inside, where stylistic references to the Middle Ages give way to a fantasy of Renaissance-inspired neoclassicism in the corridors and stairs and to 19th Century “eclectic revivalism” in the lodge rooms. Oriental Hall and the neoclassical Library and Museum, the Grand Ballroom, the Grand Master’s Suite and offices share the first floor. Norman, Egyptian, and Ionic Halls share the second floor with Corinthian and Renaissance Halls. The third floor houses Gothic Hall. Two ornate corridors and stair halls complement and connect every room.

The Masonic Temple is within walking distance of many Philadelphia attractions such as Reading Terminal Market, Philadelphia City Hall, Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts and LOVE Park. Learn about convenient parking, tours and admission fees.

Programs and Services

The Masonic Library and Museum, which maintains and preserves the Masonic Temple, supports the Academy of Masonic Knowledge and the John Wanamaker Resource Center, as well as the preservation of buildings and monuments dedicated to Freemasonry.

“Embodying Masonic Values” Art Competition 2023

Talented artists from across the area used a variety of mediums to contribute to the 2023 Art Competition. Since 2018, The Masonic Library and Museum of Pennsylvania’s “Embodying Masonic Values” open art competition has provided an opportunity for participants to explore Masonic values.