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The Library, founded in 1817, has one of the finest collections for the study of Freemasonry, and is focused on collecting and cataloging seminal works in Masonic history. Its stacks house thousands of volumes covering all aspects of Freemasonry and its relationship to the Commonwealth. The Library remains a resource for members and academics alike, providing research and lending services in an effort to advance our knowledge and understanding of the Fraternity, its meanings and its place in history.

One of the Library’s prize possessions is an incunabulum, or book printed before 1501. The one in our collection was printed in Basel in 1489. It is really two books bound together, one by St. Augustine on the Trinity, and the other by Robert Holkot on the Apocryphal Book, The Wisdom of Solomon.

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The collections are available to everyone who visits the library; however, our Circulating Library is for Pennsylvania Masons only. Hundreds of new books are added each year. Check out the New Resources tab for the latest additions.


While the staff of the Grand Lodge of Pennsylvania will make every effort to respond to your genealogical requests in a timely manner, we do not have full-time employees conducting these searches. Due to the extremely large number of requests, both via email and through postal mail, there will be, of necessity, time delays of up to three months or longer.

It is the policy of the Grand Lodge of Pennsylvania to respect the privacy of our members and not to reveal or discuss the status of membership of any living Pennsylvania Mason, except in cases where membership eligibility to join an affiliated body, such as Eastern Star or Job’s Daughters, necessitates this verification.

If you are trying to contact a Pennsylvania Mason, we will not provide you with the address of record, however, we will gladly transmit a message to that member if you provide your name, address and a written request to have him contact you.

(For genealogical, fraternal and historical purposes.)
There is an unfounded expectation that such research will reveal a wealth of factual information about a person. While it is true that some individual Lodges may have kept detailed records, the Grand Lodge of Pennsylvania can only verify if a man was a member in good standing. It is unlikely that any other useful information will be available.

The Grand Lodge of Pennsylvania only has information on members in this jurisdiction. If a man was made a Mason in any other jurisdiction, we have no record to verify that. There never has been a national or central membership database for Freemasonry in the United States. Additionally, we can usually only verify Lodge membership. If pertinent, we can sometimes verify address and occupation at time of petitioning. We do not maintain records of York Rite, Scottish Rite, Shrine or other affiliated organizations.

Requests received often include extraneous details about the men being researched. These details do not help us. The information that is useful to us in performing this research for you is the FULL NAME of the subject, last known Pennsylvania address, date of death and, if available, the name or number of the Lodge in which he was reputed to be a member. The occupation and address at time of petitioning may also be helpful to us.

Research is done only during available staff time, when other responsibilities are not pressing. Membership records pertaining to deceased members prior to 1980 are NOT computerized. Therefore, this is a detailed and labor-intensive process that requires significant manual effort. Requests may not be answered for several months.


Our records are for Freemasons who have held membership in Pennsylvania only!

Records of the Grand Lodge of Pennsylvania, under normal circumstances, do not include information concerning the names of fathers, mothers, grandparents, etc. In most cases, the only information included would be the name of the lodge, the date of a petition to join a lodge and the dates the brother would have received each of his three degrees.

Make requests via the form below. In your request, please include a postal mailing address and a daytime telephone number to reach you at; sometimes a simple question by our staff can get you a quicker response.

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To celebrate its 150th anniversary, the Masonic Temple will offer free guided tours to the public on June 4, 2023. Tours will be held every 20 minutes, from 9:30 a.m. to 10:50 a.m. and again from 1 p.m. to 3:20 p.m. A public rededication of the building is planned for 3 p.m. on Saturday, June 24, 2023. Free guided tours will be available to the public at the same times above as part of the Wawa Welcome America Festival being held that day. There will be NO tours after 3:20 p.m. either day.

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