Masonic Pouches

Top-left: Jewel pouch from Germany, early-mid 19th century. Cotton embroidery on satin-woven silk with velvet appliques and silk lining. Design depicts many of Freemasonry’s symbols.

Top-center: Alms Pouch, early 19th century, Germany. Cross stitching on linen with leather lining. Design depicts several Masonic elements.

Top-right: Pouch, late 18th-early 19th century, English or American. Cotton and chenille embroidery with silk lining. Several Masonic symbols are depicted on the back.

Masonic Aprons

Bottom-center: Early-mid 19th century blue lodge apron, silk with hand-painted and gold foil decoration, identified as having come from and/or used in Rangoon, Burma.

Bottom-left and bottom-right: Early-mid 19th century blue lodge aprons, hand painted and embroidered on silk.